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Children’s Braces from Your Las Vegas Orthodontist

Adult BracesDid you have your teeth straightened as a child? If not, do you wish that you did? Only a lucky few people are born with naturally straight teeth, so if you are happy that you did get braces or regret not getting them in your younger years, you may want to consider braces for your child. Your Las Vegas orthodontist, Dr. David Alpan, discusses children’s braces and their many benefits below.

Benefits of Getting Braces During Childhood

  • Most people wear braces during childhood and adolescence. Although they offer great results and boost self-esteem in the long run, braces tend to make people a bit self-conscious about their teeth. This effect multiplies if the person with braces feels that he or she is alone in seeking straighter teeth. Thus, childhood represents a window of opportunity during which kids can straighten their teeth without feeling isolated.
  • Early orthodontic treatment can prevent serious problems from developing. By intervening early with orthodontic treatment and children’s braces, your Las Vegas orthodontist, Dr. Alpan, can intercept problems, keeping them from becoming more serious. In some cases, he can even prevent problems altogether. Early orthodontic treatment can reduce the need for treatment when patients are older and can achieve certain results that may not be possible when the face and jaws finish growing.

When to Seek Braces for Your Child

Between the ages of seven and nine is a window of opportunity during which many types of treatment are available. This treatment may include the use of a palatal expander, which widens the roof of the mouth to correct crossbites, the use of a lingual arch, which helps develop the lower jaw, and the use of braces, which reposition teeth in a more pleasing and functional arrangement. Treatment at these ages typically takes 12 to 18 months.

Children’s Braces from Your Las Vegas Orthodontist

Do you want your child to grow up with a straight and beautiful smile? Contact your Las Vegas orthodontist, Dr. Alpan, to schedule an appointment or a consultation today by calling 702-784-0500. We have offices in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Beverly Hills and welcome patients from all surrounding areas.